Ibrahim Ahmed — Artist

you can't recognize what you don't know 2020/2021

you can’t recognise what you don’t know (2020/2021), is a body of work of unique photo collages that utilises a collection of images created in photography studios along with images documenting a performance made in my studio. The images go through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction in an attempt to question masculinity as a constructed performance. Creating symbols of power from props found in both my studio and photo studio, my body interacts with these indicators to create a final image focused on the internal politics of masculine bodies that enforce such notions of ‘manliness’. To consider lineage and contemporary machinations of manhood, layered in these re-enactments are gestures of young men produced in said local studios, postures of bodybuilders, mannequins, along with Pharaonic and Roman Greco statues. The ending result focuses on the multifaceted indoctrinations that echo generationally, which manifest in the micropolitics of the individual body.

Figure #6 - 30.9 x 20.4 - unique photocollage piece - 2020

Figure #26 - 30.4x26cm - unique photocollage piece - 2020

Figure #13 - 39.1 x 29 - unique photocollage piece - 2020

Figure #65 - 48.6 x 33.2 - unique photocollage piece - 2020

Figure #29 - 35.1x25.3 - unique photocollage piece - 2020

Figure #77 - 48.4x38 - unique photocollage piece - 2021

Figure #79 - 53.2x37.2 - unique photocollage piece - 2021